Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7th Shot

SO I'm still at the early stages of my avonex shots where I still know them by number. Probably will be for a while. I know at some point Tuesday nights will be just another night where I happen to give myself a shot. For now, there is still an emotional lead up to the eventual sticking myself with a sharp object.

Usually throughout the day, there is an underlying tension or anxiety over what I have to do. It's a bit less on the days where my beautiful wife offers to do the job. I think what keeps my nerves in check during the day is the realization that it only takes a minute and then I'm done for the week and that I'm doing something active to treat my disease. So much of the mind f*#k of this disease is that at this time, it will never go away. Me and my family will be living with this for a long long time (this is where we chant...'go research, go research, go research...').

Back to the shots.....
Normally my after shot symptoms are extreme flu for about 18-24 hours. I know this is about to sound like a commercial voice over but here goes....symptoms included chills, fever, aching body and irritability (more than the norm). No real injection site reactions other than a little bruising one week. Each week has found those flu like symptoms decreasing in intensity little by little. This week finds my after shot symptoms declining yet again. It' almost noon on wednesday and all I'm feeling is some soreness in my joints like I dug a bunch of holes the day before. Maybe a few more weeks and I'll be back at work on Wednesdays (sigh).

I'm outa here for now. I'm on a staycation this week so I can hang out with my kids for a bit of summer fun as well as work on the master bathroom floor like I told my wife I'd do for the past year or two.

Next week...'How to stick yourself and keep smiling'....

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